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A Muslim And A Christian In Dialogue (Updated)
Author David Shenk,  PublisherHerald Press
Format Paperback
List Price $14.99
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Product Description
Winner 2016 "Christianity Today Book Award" for Mission/Global Church category. Millions of Muslims and Christians are neighbors and worship one God. Yet serious dialogue between these two Faiths occurs seldom; the issues between them are profound. Rather than an antagonistic interaction, the authors pioneer another way--that of authentic dialogue between friends; the similarities and differences are explored courteously.

Can Christians and Muslims be friends? Real friends? Even in an era of intense religious conflict, David Shenk says yes. In Christian. Muslim. Friend., Shenk lays out twelve ways that Christians can form authentic relationships with Muslims--characterized by respect, hospitality, and candid dialogue--while still bearing witness to the Christ-centered commitments of their faith.

Rooted in fifty years of friendship with Muslims in Somalia, Kenya, and the United States, this book will inspire readers with astounding stories of the author's animated conversations with Muslim clerics, visits to countless mosques around the globe, and the pastors and imams who are working for peace. These tried and true paths offer a compelling resource with practical application for mission personnel, Sunday school classes, and Christians who meet people of Islamic faith in their communities. (includes discussion questions)

"Recognizing the friction that can exist between Muslims and Christians, Shenk (A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue) provides ways for Christians to reach across the religious divide. Shenk spent years as a Mennonite missionary in countries with Muslim populations, including Somalia and Kenya, and this direct experience of interfaith dialogue animates his book. Integrity, honesty, respect, hospitality, trust, and peacemaking become his cornerstones for building relationships with Muslims. Shenk uses stories of real encounters to illustrate his concepts, and he includes concrete suggestions for those hoping to introduce Muslims to the Bible. For example, he suggests the Torah, the Psalms, and the Gospels as the books most accessible to Muslims interested in learning more about Christianity." Publishers Weekly(2014)

1. Living with Integrity
2. Keep Identity Clear
3. Cultivate Respect
4. Develop Trust
5. Dialogue about the Different Centers
6. Practice Hospitality
7. Answer the Questions
8. Confront the Distortions
9. Consider the Choice: The Hijrah. The Cross.
10. Seek Peace and Pursue It
11. Partner with the Person of Peace
12. Commend Christ

A. Christian-Muslim Relations Team
B. A Selection of Names and Characteristics of Jesus in the Qur'an
C. A Selection of References in the Qur'an in Regard to the Bible
D. A Mennonite Response to "A Common Word"
E. Shared Convictions of Anabaptists

Product Details
Product Code: 0836196198
Category: Islam
ISBN-13: 9780836196191
Pages: 233
Series: Christians Meeting Muslims
Year: 2011

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