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The Next Christendom (3rd ed.)
Author Philip Jenkins,  PublisherOxford University Press
Format Paperback
List Price $17.95
Sale Price $17.95
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Product Description
The Coming of Global Christianity In this new and substantially expanded Third Edition, Philip Jenkins continues to illuminate the remarkable expansion of Christianity in the global South--in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Drawing upon the extensive new scholarship that has appeared on this topic in recent years, he asks how the new Christianity is likely to affect the poor, among whom it finds its most devoted adherents. How should we interpret the enormous success of prosperity churches across the Global South? Politically, what will be the impact of new Christian movements? Will Christianity contribute to liberating the poor, to give voices to the previously silent, or does it threaten only to bring new kinds of division and conflict? Does Christianity liberate women, or introduce new scriptural bases for subjection?

Carefully documented, bold and provocative book about global Christianity, which has transformed into a predominantly non-Western, non-White faith. The potential and cultural implications are enormous; startling, informative, sometimes chilling. Taking a global view, this volume is a landmark analysis of the enormous growth of Christianity in the southern hemisphere and its revolutionary implications for the Church in the 21st century.

Product Details
Product Code: 0199767467
Category: Global Christianity
ISBN-13: 9780199767465
Pages: 346
Series: Future of Christianity
Year: 2011

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