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Overturning Tables
Author Scott Bessenecker,  PublisherIVP
Format Paperback
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Product Description
Freeing Missions from the Christian-Industrial Complex. We are more than the businesses we have become. Much of Christian ministry has been shaped to operate not according to the witness of the Scriptures, but according to the values of the free market. We adopt metrics of success that have nothing to do with the state of people's souls or the seeding of the earth with the kingdom of God. We have borrowed our paradigms uncritically from the for-profit corporate sector. The mission of the Church is being held back by the business container into which we have placed the gospel.

Every year Scott Bessenecker travels the world with thousands of college students, ministering to those in need and learning from the global church about what God is doing in the world. In Overturning Tables he shows, through stories and analysis, that the mission of God reaches well beyond the grasp of the free market, and if we are willing to reach as well, we will see God do amazing things, even as the world sees the gospel in its fullest sense.

"As always Scott Bessenecker's writing is insightful, eclectic and generates new paradigms. A brilliant missions administrator with a track record of mobilizing thousands, he speaks with authority at that cataclysmic discontinuity between the power structures of older US missions built on capitalist business models, and the global explosion of indigenous and youth-driven missions. Always analyzing emergent structures, he aptly identifies numerous themes, trends, breakdowns and new directionalities that enter into the core of the massive shift in the style of missional community that has occurred this generation." —Viv Grigg, associate professor, Azusa Pacific University, and author of Companion to the Poor

"These days everything must bear the weight of productivity, and as Scott Bessenecker points out, that creates a climate of narcissism, materialism and triviality. Overturning Tables does just what it says—it overturns the neatly set table of corporate, white individualism and challenges us to shed egos, acknowledge limitations, embrace cooperation and resolve together to look for authentic signs of the kind of human flourishing Christ came to offer us." —Michael Frost, author, Incarnate

"Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a very challenging ride. Scott Bessenecker´s prophetic words and warnings will challenge and threaten, but they are desperately needed. He confronts errant worldview assumptions and forces the reader to wrestle with the uncritical acceptance of capitalistically driven mission-sending structures. If you are willing to do some ruthless self-criticism, Overturning Tables will leave you feeling more equipped to face the future of global missions." —Paul Borthwick, senior consultant, Development Associates International, author, Western Christians in Global Mission

Product Details
Product Code: 0830836802
Categories: Mission Books    Mission Studies    Business & Economics
ISBN-13: 9780830836802
Pages: 201
Primary Audience: All
Year: 2014

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