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Transforming Mission
Author David Bosch,  PublisherOrbis Books
Format Paperback
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Product Description
Paradigm Shifts In Theology Of Mission. Named by Christianity Today as one of the Top 100 Most Significant Books of the Twentieth Century. David Boschs Transforming Mission, now available in over a dozen languages, is widely recognized as an historic and magisterial contribution to the study of mission. Examining the entire sweep of Christian tradition, he shows how five paradigms have historically encapsulated the Christian understanding of mission and then outlines the characteristics of an emerging ""postmodern"" paradigm dialectically linking the transcendent and imminent dimensions of salvation. In this new anniversary edition, Darrel Guder and Martin Reppenhagen explore the impact of Boschs work and the unfolding application of his seminal vision in a concluding chapter.

"David Bosch's work is a kind of Summa Missiologica. . . . it will surely be the indispensable foundation for the teaching of missiology for many years to come." --Leslie Newbigin

David J. Bosch, who died in 1992, was a professor and head of the department of Missiology at the University of South Africa.

-- Introduction. Mission: The Contemporary Crisis -- Between Danger and Opportunity -- The Wider Crisis -- Foundation, Aim, and Nature of Mission -- From Confidence to Malaise -- A Pluriverse of Missiology -- Mission: An Interim Definition -- Part I. New Testament Models of Mission -- 1. Reflections on the New Testament as a Missionary Document -- The Mother of Theology -- Mission in the Old Testament -- Bible and Mission -- Jesus and Israel -- An All-inclusive Mission -- And the Gentiles? -- Salient Features of Jesus' Person and Ministry -- Jesus and the Reign of God -- Jesus and the Law (the Torah) -- Jesus and His Disciples -- Mission from the Perspective of Easter -- The Early Christian Mission -- The Missionary Practice of Jesus and the Early Church -- Where the Early Church Failed -- Were There Any Alternatives? -- 2. Matthew: Mission as Disciple-Making -- A Great Commission? -- Matthew and His Community -- Contradictions in Matthew -- Matthew and Israel -- Matthew and the Nations -- Key Notions in Matthew's Gospel -- Teaching Them to Observe All... -- The Sermon on the Mount -- God's Reign and Justice-Righteousness -- Make Disciples ... -- Modelled on Jesus, and Yet... -- Matthew's Paradigm: Missionary Discipleship -- 3. Luke-Acts: Practicing Forgiveness and Solidarity with the Poor -- The Significance of Luke -- Jew, Samaritan, and Gentile in Luke-Acts -- The Difference between the Gospel and Acts -- The Gentile Mission in Luke 4:16-30 -- Encounters with Samaritans -- Luke's Great Commission -- The Jewishness of Luke -- Jerusalem -- To the Jews First, and to the Gentiles -- The Division of Israel -- A Tragic Story -- Gospel for the PoorAnd the Rich -- The Poor in Luke's Gospel -- And the Rich? -- Jesus in Nazareth -- Evangelist of the Rich? -- All Are in Need of Repentance -- Salvation in Luke-Acts -- No More Vengeance! -- The Inexplicable Volte-Face -- Isaiah 61 in the First Century ad -- Vengence Superseded! -- The Lukan Missionary Paradigm -- 4. Mission in Paul: Invitation to Join the Eschatological Community -- First Missionary: First Theologian -- Paul's Conversion and Call -- Paul's Missionary Strategy -- Mission to the Metropolises -- Paul and His Colleagues -- Pauls Apostolic Self-Consciousness -- Paul's Missionary Motivation -- A Sense of Concern -- A Sense of Responsibility -- A Sense of Gratitude -- Mission and the Triumph of God -- The Apocalyptic Paul -- The Christian Church and Apocalyptic -- Apocalyptic's New Center of Gravity -- New Life in Christ -- The Nations 'Pilgrimage to Jerusalem -- Paul's Universalism -- Apocalyptic and Ethics -- The Law, Israel, and the Gentiles -- Paul and Judaism -- The Function of the Law -- Unconditional Acceptance -- The Problem of Unrepentant Israel -- Romans 9-11 -- The Church: The Interim Eschatological Community -- Ekklesia in Paul -- Baptism and the Transcending of Barriers -- For the Sake of the World -- The Pauline Missionary Paradigm -- Part 2. Historical Paradigms of Mission -- 5. Paradigm Changes in Missiology -- Six Epochs -- The Paradigm Theory of Thomas Kuhn -- Paradigm Shifts in Theology -- Paradigms in Missiology -- 6. The Missionary Paradigm of the Eastern Church -- To the Jew First but also to the Greek -- The Church and Its Context -- The Church and the Philosophers -- Eschatology -- Gnosticism -- The Church in Eastern Theology -- Mission in Non-Roman Asia -- The Patristic and Orthodox Missionary Paradigm -- The First Paradigm Shift: An Interim Balance -- 7. The Medieval Roman Catholic Missionary Paradigm -- Changed Context -- The Individualization of Salvation -- The Ecclesiasticization of Salvation -- Mission between Church and State -- Indirect and Direct Missionary Wars -- Colonialism and Mission -- The Mission of Monasticism -- The Medieval Paradigm: An Appraisal -- 8. The Missionary Paradigm of the Protestant Reformation -- The Nature of the New Movement -- The Reformers and Mission -- Lutheran Orthodoxy and Mission -- The Pietist Breakthrough -- Second Reformation and Puritanism -- Ambivalences in the Reformation Paradigm -- 9. Mission in the Wake of the Enlightenment -- Contours of the Enlightenment Worldview -- Enlightenment and Christian Faith -- ission in the Mirror of the Enlightenment -- Church and State -- Forces of Renewal -- The Second Awakening -- The Nineteenth Century -- The Twentieth Century -- Missionary Motifs in the Enlightenment Era -- The Glory of God -- Constrained by Jesus 'Love? -- The Gospel and Culture -- Mission and Manifest Destiny -- Mission and Colonialism -- Mission and the Millennium -- Voluntarism -- Missionary Fervor, Optimism, and Pragmatism -- The Biblical Motif -- Modern Missionary Motives and MotifsA Profile -- Part 3. Toward a Relevant Missiology -- 10. The Emergence of a Postmodern Paradigm -- The End of the Modern Era -- The Challenge to the Enlightenment -- The Expansion of Rationality -- Beyond the Subject-Object Scheme -- Rediscovery of the Teleological Dimension -- The Challenge to Progress Thinking -- A Fiduciary Framework -- Chastened Optimism -- Toward Interdependence -- 11. Mission in a Time of Testing -- 12. Elements of an Emerging Ecumenical Missionary Paradigm -- Mission as the Church-With-Others -- Church and Mission -- Shifts in Missionary Thinking -- Missionary by Its Very Nature -- God's Pilgrim People -- Sacrament, Sign, and Instrument -- Church and Worl -- Rediscovering the Local Church -- Creative Tension -- Mission as Missio Dei -- Mission as Mediating Salvation -- Traditional Interpretations of Salvation -- Salvation in the Modern Paradigm -- Crisis in the Modern Understanding of Salvation -- Toward Comprehensive Salvation -- Mission as the Quest for Justice -- The Legacy of History -- The Tension between Justice and Love -- The Two Mandates -- A Convergence of Convictions -- Mission as Evangelism -- Evangelism: A Plethora of Definitions -- Toward a Constructive Understanding of Evangelism -- Mission as Contextualization -- The Genesis of Contextual Theology -- The Epistemological Break -- The Ambiguities of Contextualization -- Mission as Liberation -- From Development to Liberation -- God's Preferential Option for the Poor -- Liberal Theology and Liberation Theology -- The Marxist Connection -- Integral Liberation -- Mission as Inculturation -- The Vicissitudes of Accommodation and Indigenization -- Twentieth-Century Developments -- Toward Inculturation -- The Limits of Inculturation -- Interculturation -- Mission as Common Witness -- The (Re)birth of the Ecumenical Idea in Mission -- Catholics, Mission, and Ecumenism -- Unity in Mission; Mission in Unity -- Mission as Ministry by the Whole People of God -- The Evolution of the Ordained Ministry -- The Apostolate of the Laity -- Forms of Ministry -- Mission as Witness to People of Other Living Faiths -- The Shifting Scene -- Postmodern Responses? -- Dialogue and Mission -- Mission as Theology -- Mission Marginalized -- From a Theology of Mission to a Missionary Theology -- What Missiology Can and Cannot Do -- Mission as Action in Hope -- The Eschatology Office Closed -- The Blurring of the Eschatological Horizon -- The Eschatology Office Reopened -- Extreme Eschatologization of Mission -- History as Salvation -- Eschatology and Mission in Creative Tension -- 13. Mission in Many Modes -- Is Everything Mission? -- Faces of the Church-in-Mission -- Whither Mission? -- Conclusion to the Anniversary Edition: The Continuing Transformation of Mission: David J. Bosch's Living Legacy: 1991-2011 -- The Work and Life of David Jacobus Bosch / Martin Reppenhagen, Darrell L. Guder -- Beyond Biblical Foundations of Mission -- Theology of Mission as the Mission of Theology -- Africa and Other Contexts -- After Christendom: Mission to the West and the Emergence of Missional Theology -- Transforming the Study and Teaching of Mission -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index of Scriptural References -- Index of Subjects -- Index of Authors and Personal Names.

Product Details
Product Code: 1570759480
ISBN-13: 9781570759482
Pages: 630
Primary Audience: All
Year: 2011

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