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Adventure of Ascent
Author Luci Shaw,  PublisherIVP
Format Paperback
List Price $15.00
Sale Price $13.50 (10% off)
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Product Description
Field Notes from a Lifelong Journey. In this book, writer-poet Luci Shaw has given us a lifetime of exquisite reflections on nature, love, death, suffering, loss, faith, doubt, creativity, curiosity, lifelong learning--all of it drawn from the breadth of her own experience, harvested in penetrating and lyrical insights. Still active in her eighties, Luci now turns her attention to the season of edging toward the borders. Her spirit of adventure, her brave transparency, and her openness to all that life offers (as well as inflicts) makes her a captivating and hope-inspiring mentor. For most of us, growing older is a reality we put off as long as possible--until we realize with a shock that it is happening to us. We immediately look around to see how others on the path just ahead of us are dealing with it.

So here is the intrepid Luci Shaw, taking readers on a virtual hike with her, with steps more deliberate and slow but also with surprising vistas that fill us with gratitude. In this book Luci serves as a fearless and eloquent scout. As she traverses new territory, she records her experiences lovingly, honestly, sorrowfully, joyfully--here's what it's like, and here's what to be ready for. These field notes will inform your own journey, no matter what your age.

Review Quotes:
"Luci Shaw, poet and adventurer, scales the?heights of the later years, grasping bramble after bramble. Yes, there are challenges. The closing decades of her lifelong journey provide tough moments, sudden and sometimes sharp-edged?surprises. But Luci keeps her face turned to the beauty of Christ and shows us all how to climb, handsomely and with dignity. Wise, strengthening, playful and loving."--Emilie Griffin, author of Green Leaves for Later Years

"The veteran climber Luci Shaw spray paints vivid blazes on the trail for those of us who are coming behind her. What is old age? How does it look from the outside? How does it feel? As the path gets rockier, what advice can she offer? Watch. Luci's backpack is dwindling above us and her walking stick--the one she inherited from her father--flashes as she climbs. This is a fabulous guidebook, filled with stories, wisdom and humor about the steep path we ascend after sixty."--Jeanne Murray Walker, professor of English, University of Delaware

"I love this sage book."--Lauren Winner, author of Still

Product Details
Product Code: 0830843108
Categories: Spiritual Life    Christian Living    Inspiration/Motivational    Aging & Legacy
ISBN-13: 9780830843107
Pages: 176
Primary Audience: All
Year: 2014

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